The study tours to Kiev & Kramatorsk, Ukraine and Berlin, Germany  within the project

“Valuing Diversity and Pluralism (VALDIP)”, financed by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ms. Nurana Mammad

is a journalist from Azerbaijan. 

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Mr. Alexander Zhelenin

Is a journalist, political scientist and a historian

Mrs. Galina Petriashvili 

is a founder of the GenderMediaCaucasus Journalists' Association based in Georgia

Ms. Irina Umarova


is a journalist based in Yekaterinburg, Russia and Dushanbe, Tajikistan. 

Mrs. Gohar Hayrapetyan

is currently affiliated at an Armenian-based newspaper "Champord"

Ms. Daria Korchak

is a media professional with over two years´ experience in the news agencies of Russia

Ms. Eleonora Begoyan 


is a public management professional with 3 years’ experience in international relations, the EaP countries' youth policy and domestic affairs of Armenia 

Mr. Azer Hasret


is an Azerbaijani journalist with more than 25 years of experience in media field

Mr. Oleg Shevtsov

is a director of the NGO ‘Publishing House MIR BELOGORYA’ 

Ms. Yana Israelyan


is a journalist with 10 years’ experience in conflicts and migration issues, South Caucasus domestic politics, Georgia-EU/Georgia-Russia affairs

Ms. Khatia Kardava

is a project assistant at the IDP Women Association “Consent” 

Ms. Zulfiyya Safkhanova

is a media professional from Azerbaijan