Maria Pitikhina. A brief overview of immigration flows from Karelia to Finland
Maria Pitukhina holds PhD in Political Science and works at the Petrozavodsk State University, Russia as a senior researcher at Budget Monitoring Center
Pitukhina, Migration from Karelia to Fin
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Arevik Markaryan. Migration Control in France
Arevik Markaryan holds Phd in Sociology and works at the St. Petersburg State University, Russia
Markaryan, Migration control within Fran
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Миграция XXI век, выпуск 11-12,2014/Migration XXI century, Vol. 11/12, 2014
Migration XXI Century, an independent information and analytical magazine, which publishes articles of leading experts in migration issues.
migraciaXXI-26-27 (2).pdf
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Social integration of immigrants in a context of social security
Irina Kuznetsova and Leisan Muharyamova, Social integration of immigrants in a context of social security. Empirical studies of the Republic of Tatarstan. Kazan 2014
Кузнецова И.Б., Мухарямова Л.М. Социальная интеграция мигрантов в контексте социальной безопасности (на материалах Республики Татарстан), Казань 2014
монография по мигрантам.pdf
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Shaping Migration Policy- Case of Poland
Maciej Fagasinski is a Project Coordinator at Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, an NGO based in Warsaw, Poland. Previously he also worked for Amnesty International and UNHCR covering issues related to refugees and migrants' rights. He holds MA in political science (Warsaw University) and MA in European Interdisciplinary Studies (College of Europe). His research interests include EU asylum and migration policy, management of migration, researching on country of origin information and resettlement of refugees.
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Awale Olad, Migrants´ Rights Network (UK)
Awale Olad is the Public & Parliamentary Affairs Officer at Migrants´ Rights Network. Mr. Olad holds MA in European Studies from King’s College London and worked for a few years as a Parliamentary Assistant/Researcher to the Justice Minister, UK.
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Migrants´Rights and Freedoms on the territory of Russia
Valentina V. Chupik is the executive director of NGO "TONG JAHONI" providing legal assistance and help for migrants coming from Uzbekistan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan into Russia
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Modern problems of European union countries' integration policy: the case of Estonia
Dr. Olga Khalliste, Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Technology, indicates her view on Estonian Integration Policy.
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What should Russia learn from EU Integration Policy: case-studies of Sweden and Portugal
Maria Borisova, PhD-student at the Institute of Ethnology and Archaeology, Russian Academy of Science , MA in Social Science (Université d'Avignon , France) and her thoughts what Russian state holders could learn from Sweden and Portugal Integration Strategies.
Maria Borisova, 2013.pptx
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Labour Migration Flows from Kyrgyzstan to Russia: States´ Cooperation in Migration Policy
Cholpon Kemelova, PhD-student at the Academy of Public Administration, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan and her view to the Labor Migration Flows from Kyrgyzstan to Russia
Cholpon Kemelova 2013.pptx
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